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All purchase transactions are secure and are performed at the customer by:

All payments made on Frenzymarket are under the protection and confidentiality of data with SSL.

All information provided during the purchase are secured by a cryptographic system data when sending data from your computer to Frenzymarket making them unreadable and encrypted.

To ensure that the security protocol is set up, the URL should begin with https:// and should appear in your browser. This payment solution is the most used in Europe for Internet payments.

What is 3D Secure ?

3D-Secure is a program created by international issuers Visa (Verified By Visa) and MasterCard (MasterCard Secure Code) to enhance the security of card payments over the Internet.

The objective is two fold:

- Reduce the risk of fraud, particularly identity theft and unpaid relating to the contestation of the payment order,
- Provide Internet buyers a payment process reassuring and secure.

This program is based on the establishment of an additional check when buying online. To function, the merchant and the user must be enrolled in the 3D-Secure payment device.