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  • My order is hanging or canceled; What should I do ?

    Your order was canceled because the product are not be longer available for sale at the manufacturer at the time of your purchase. The basic process is to hang on the order and to refund the order to the customer. An order cancellation may also be due to a payment which has not confirm to the end. We invite you to join directly the customer service by mail at serviceclient@frenzymarket.comen explaining your situation to find a quickly solution.

  • How to cancel an order ? 

    To cancel your order, just need to send a request to thes customer ervice at, the service will transfer the cancellation information to logistics services and you will be refund as soon as possible.

  • How to track an order?

    To follow the status of your order, please refer directly to your Frenzymarket account or directly on the carrier's website with the tracking number that you receive when order is confirm. All the information relateted to the shipment of the order are automaticaly send by an email confirmation to all the customers. If you not received the tracking number please not hesitate to contact customer service.

  • How to change my order information ?

    An order that has been paid and finalized can be changed only before when the product are not shipped yet. If the order is shipped a status change of the order will be impossible to  change. So if you want to change the product or cancel the order, please contact customer service to get more information.

  • How to join the customer service ? 

    For all the information related to any issues with your different order, all the necessary information can be found at the section "Customer service"

  • I can not track my order when i using the tracking number provided by Frenzymarket. What can I do?

    Firstable, if you can't follow your package, we invite you to contact directly a Frenzymarket commercial advisor  in the sections " Contact us" or " Customer service". All shipped orders are protected by a special buyer warranty listed in the section " Buyers warranty Frenzymarket"


  • Is it necessary to create an account on ?

    Yes, it's necessary that you register on the Frenzymarket website before you make any order. It can be let you many advantages : - Check all the current and previous order status ; Check all the history of your order on Frenzymarket website: be able to make an easily return request; contact directly the customer service for any issus or more information ; save all your payment information to order easily on your next order with all the payment securities ; possibility to write a review or ask a question to the community : participate to any differents contests and win somes prizes by just writing comment ; create easily your favorite product by adding directly "My favourites products" to be able to buy later.

  • Create a new account on Frenzymarket

    To register, log on and go to the "Login => Create your account. Enter all the information that are required (name, address, telephone ...)

  • Place an order on Frenzymarket

    Choose your username and password to complete your account. An automatic email is generated asking you to confirm your account. When the validation is done, you can easily log on and start your Frenzymarket purchases.
    To order on-1 Frenzymarket here are the steps:

    1. To order on Frenzymarket, sign up for free by following this link :
    2. Choose all the products that you want and the quantitythat you want to order. You can add or change your order later if you change your mind. Your cart is retained even when you leave the page until your next connection.
    3. You can estimate the total amount of your order including shipping fees directly on your shopping cart.
    4. Before finalizing your order, be sure to confirm your billing and shipping address that can not be changed after the order shipped.
    5. When finalizing your purchase into payment part section, several choices are offered: by PayPal, by credit card Visa or Mastercard.
    6. You order has be confirmed, you will receive an automatic email with all the details of your order upon receipt of payment. Tthe package will be prepared and shipped. A tracking number of the package allowing you to follow your orders will be automatically sent by email, but if you do not receive an email, please check the section "Contact Customer Service" for more information.
  • All the orders place on Frenzymarket are including the taxes ? 

    All products sold on are not subject to tax. So the advertised price is a price HT noted that for the European markets the products are sold in the currency EURO (€]. We invite you to consult the taxes regulations of your country to find out what taxes, additional customs may be implemented to the final price.

  • How to subscribe to the newsletter ?

    It is very simple to register for the newsletter to be inform of the latest new, when registering you just need to tick the box: I agree to receive the newsletter : you can also check this option directly into "My account" section

  • How to change my shipping or billing address ?

    To change your delivery or billing adress, simply go to "your account " settings to make the changes.

  • How to change or modify my password ?

    To change your password, you can do it directly from your account. We invite you to configure a password with special characters to ensure the security of your account.

  • I forgot my password, how to log in to my account ?

    Forgot your password ? We invite you to reset directly from your account. You will then receive an email confirmation in your inbox.

  • I can not access the site Frenzymarket, what's going on 

    We ensure that your user experience is optimal on, so we proceed to regular updates of our product categories and catalogs. We also make security updates and stability that your purchase happens in the best conditions. If however, you still cannot login, please contact our customer service at:


  • What are the different carriers available on

    On, customers can choose from three possible shipments: Normal with tracking, monitoring and normal without express shipment.

  • Sending products and product packaging

    All Frenzymarket products are carefully inspected, tested before shipping and carefully packed. The products are packaged in bubble wrap in a cardboard box with a seal package to avoid damage to the product and the package.

  • What are the shipping costs?

    Voir la page Livraison et retours en cliquant ici

  • Order shipping and processing time?

    Voir la page Livraison et retours en cliquant ici

  • What are the delivery areas of Frenzymarket?

    Voir la page Livraison et retours en cliquant ici

  • Tax issues, customs and taxation

    When you order on Frenzymarket, no taxes or additional fees will be added to your order during checkout. The total amount displayed is the total amount charged upon completion of your purchase. However, be sure to you ask about the customs taxes for your country

    Frenzymarket is a Chinese company based in China, all products purchased from Frenzymarket will automatically be considered to be imported and pass through customs before reaching you, an import duty You may be asked during the removal of your package. For more information on the French customs regulations: 18


  • I have not received my order, or my order was lost what should I do?

    We invite you initially contact the customer service so that it supports your file quickly. Our internal teams take care to proceed with the opening of a file in order to offer them to you as soon as possible solutions.

  • The product I received does not correspond to the description. What can I do?

    Processing errors when ordering can happen and we ensure that's not happen. If we encounted any problem's please contact our customer service for opening a dispute or case and our teams will help you.

  • No one answer me, what is the solution?

    Our teams are at your disposal to provide all the help and all the necessary information to your order. Feel free to email us or contact us directly for information and solutions.

  • I cannot open a dispute. What should I do?

    In case you do not open a dispute, please contact the after sales service. You will find all the information in the section "SERVICE AFTER SALE"

  • What is the processing time for one case ?

    The processing time is about a week, some cases may however be processed more quickly. We invite you to follow the progress of your dispute directly from your account or contact your advisor by phone or email in order follow the issue progress. For contact information you will find all the information in the "CUSTOMER SERVICE"

  • How to apply for reimbursement or cancel my order ?

    To request a refund or cancel an order, please contact one of our sales adcisors by phone or by mail to our customer service. For contact information, please go to the section "CUSTOMER SERVICE"

  • What is the reimbursement processing time ?

    The reimbursement processing time depending on the nature of disputes and problems when ordering. We invite you to contact our customer service or contact one of our sales adivsors directly by phone.


  • The product does not suit me, how canI return the product?

    If a product does not suit you, you can proceed to the return of the parcel to the following address: OU GUANG 203 - Room 6 BUILDING Wuzhou ZONE DahongPu Luoyang Huian Quanzhou City Fujian Province CHINA By them mentioning the reasons for the return. Upon receipt of the product by our center, we offer solutions.

  • The product arrived deficient, damaged, or does not correspond to the product ordered on the site

    All Frenzymarket products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects or hidden defects for 30 days from the date of receipt of the order. If you notice a defect contact Customer Service we will offer either exchange or repair the model. The shipping costs will be at our expense.

  • What are the returns costs?

    Return costs depend on package weight and value of the product. We invite you to visit our table on the estimated costs below: from the part expeditions, delivery and returns.

  • Responsibility of the purchaser and the manufacturer for the cost of return (seller)

    In case the error is attributable to the seller, the free return shipping costs can be offered to customers. All the products sold on Frenzymarket are not covered by the free return, we invite you to return the parcel at your expense in case the package does not suit you. More information in ""DISPUTES AND POLICIES REFUND"


  • Payment method

    Frenzymarket offers various options of payment in order to make it easier your shopping experience and safely. For payments of your order, you can pay by Paypal or by credit card.

    • PAYPAL: For additional information, see the Paypal website: Simple and convenient: Your email address and password are sufficient to pay. It is not necessary to use your credit card online. More secure: payment guarantee, PayPal never shares your financial information with sellers. Followed by the transaction and payment status directly using your PayPal account.
    • 3D secure Option: What's this? 3D-Secure is a program created by international issuers Visa (Verified By Visa) and MasterCard (MasterCard Secure Code) to enhance the security of card payments over the Internet. The objective :
      1. Reduce the risk of fraud, particularly identity theft and unpaid relating to the contestation of the payment order
      2. Provide Internet buyers a payment process reassuring and secure.
      This program is based on the establishment of an additional check when buying online. To function, the merchant and the user must be enrolled in the 3D-Secure payment device.
  • Why does my payment failed or refused?

    Your payment has failed because you did not complete your order on time or your payment was declined. We attach importance to the security of transactions for all customers. If you have difficulties in finalizing your order, please approach your bank first to see if the 3D Secure security (more in the "Payments" section) has been activated or not , or to directly contact our customer service.

  • Does the site is reliable and secure?

    On, data security is a priority for all our customers. We do not record or keep any payment information on our website. Payments made through PayPal are processed by Paypal Company, deemed safe and trustworthy. Learn more about payments: heading buyers Guarantees

7- Buyers warranty Frenzymarket

  • Delivery, shipping and package tracking

    Delivery, dispatch and track your orders is ensured by our carriers, we inform you throughout your order until receipt of Frenzymarket!

  • Frenzymarket customer service

    A problem concerning your order or any questions? Feel free to contact our customer service for fast and reactive response!

  • Comments and Ratings

    We support a platform or buyers and sellers meet and share their experiences. If a product does not suit you or otherwise you satistait fully share it with other buyers and made it with friends and family. We are committed to offer you more products of the highest quality at ever lower prices.

  • Buyers protections

    You have not received your package or the package is not what you ordered? We guarantee a full refund if you do not receive your order or we send you a replacement package.

  • Product Warranty and quality

  • Discounts and promotions


  • How to contact Frenzymarket customer service ?

    For information about your order we have an after sales service in France ready to provide all necessary assistance and to track your order.

  • Can we reach customer service by email?

    1. By mail: You also have the opportunity to address all the elements directly by email at:
    2. Frenzymarket can also be reached with social networks: Facebook, instagram, twitter
    3. You can contact the frenzymarket team directly by email at:
    4. The service is available by phone from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 at the following telephone number 09 81 29 37 92


  • What are the conditions of sponsorshipprogram?

    To join the membership programm, you need to :

    1. create an account on Frenzymarket,
    2. Invite your friends from all your account informations.( Membership page)
    3. Send an invitation by email asking your friend to creante an account.
    4. Your friend will receive the email with valid voucher for his next purchase.
    5. If your friend make a second purchase, you will receive a voucher of 10€ value on your next order on Frenzymarket.
    6. Finalize your order with the promotionnal code directly receive by email and enjoy your order.
  • Why sponsored friends?

    Parrainnez vos amis vous permet de gagner des bons d'achat utilisables sur Frenzymarket. Pour pouvoir parrainner, il vous suffit de vous rendre sur "Mon compte" => programme de parrainnage => et communiquez soit votre adresse mail ou votre code parrain à entrer lors de l'inscription. Parrainez vos amis et recevez un bon d'achat de .....€ valable des 49€ d'achat pour chaque filleul qui passera une commande sur le site.

  • Can we cumulate points on Frenzymarket?

    For all your purchases on Frenzymarket you earn a number of points which can be later used for later future purchases.

  • What is the validity of points accumulated?

    Points can be use during 3 months from the moment when all the point have been credited to your account.


  • What are the terms of use Frenzymarket?

    You can find all information about the terms and conditions of Frenzymarket in the "Terms of use section"